Armageddon single

The new MLP will hit the streets soon!
First single, “Armageddon”, is now available at Spotify and all other streaming platforms. As some of you might have noticed, there was a technical error with an earlier version, but it is all solved now.

Enjoy and spread, thank you!

Malleus Maleficarum re-release available from us

The ”Malleus Maleficarum MMXXI – European Attack” digipak-CD is now available directly from us!
This is a remastered version of our second album, limited to 300 pcs with new killer artwork, released by Hellstorm Productions.

As some of you might now, the album consists of three different recordings made at three classic Swedish studios with living legends.

Abyss Studios, May 1995 with Tägtgren
Unisound Studios, June 1994 with Swanö
Sunlight Studios, March 1993 with Skogsberg

The reasons for this solution and the story behind the album  is long and rather messy… But this dates back to a time when things in the scene were handled a bit differently, not always so well-organized nor in a timely manner.

Visit our webshop here and order your self a piece of Swedish death metal history!

The Pestilence – new release

“The Pestilence” will hit the world on April 1st, 2022, through Agonia Records!

“Our new MLP – yes we prefer to label it as an MLP, as everyone did in the 80’s, instead of calling it an EP – represents the bands current direction and can be seen as a beginning of something new.

Drawing influences and inspiration from the old thrash scene, especially the German one, this release does also bring us closer to our past and the early days of Centinex.

The whole recording process was also like a blast from the past, with the whole band together in the studio catching the vibe, both when the rec-button was on and off.

Production wise, we aimed to get an old-school sound, organic and breathing, a production which is pretty much in strict contrast to what is standard in today’s scene. We even wanted the album layout to remind us of the glory days, of a time when the tracks were the main thing and what defined if something is good or bad instead of production, musical accuracy, or glossy packaging.

As stated, this MLP represent something new for us and a direction we most likely will explore even more in the future. We will dwell in the past and crawl even deeper into the history (of extreme metal) as in our opinion the past was brighter than the future.”


1. Armageddon
2. Evil is Evil
3. Tremble in Fear
4. Torture
5. Afraid of the Light (CD bonus)

The MLP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jonas Arnberg between June and July 2021 at Sellnoise Studios in Sweden.
Cover photo by Susan Wicher, additional artwork byy Dwi Nugraha.

“The “Pestilence” will be available as:
– tape
– black vinyl
– green vinyl
– German pilsner vinyl
– picture vinyl
– merchandise
– digital

Pre-orders and further info to be found here.

End of Life

Into It Records have re-released our “End of Life” demo from 1991 on tape. This is a re-issue of the classic Sunlight Studio recording and not a re-mix!

The tracks have been available before as bonus tracks on some limited releases, but this is the first time the demo is unleashed as a stand-alone piece in its original format.

Limited to mere 150 copies so get yourself a piece of history before it’s too late!